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Our Projects


We help build communities.

The idea of ‘community’ is at the heart of what we do. Whether serving children and families, creating essential space for neighbourhoods, providing great places to learn, or supporting individuals as they grow old, we see each project as a catalyst in its urban context.

For Children

For Children

Our work for children and families emphasizes the creation of environments that are fun and friendly, while also being safe and secure. These projects span a diverse range of needs, from child care to shelter, to specialized treatment. In each case, we strive to meet each organization’s objectives while seeking opportunities to connect it to the surrounding community.

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For Neighborhoods

For neighbourhoods

Our work in design for neighbourhoods includes libraries, fire halls, community centres, employment hubs, and wellness programs. These projects represent some of the most important elements that create a complete community, and we try to make the most of each one’s potential to do this. We have also been involved in the design of whole neighbourhoods, based on the principles of New Urbanism.

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For Education

For education

Our work in design for education covers the spectrum from elementary schools, to secondary schools, to higher education facilities. We work with each School Board or Post Secondary Institution to understand their standards and unique approaches to the provision of great places to learn for the communities they serve.

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For Elders

For elders

Our work in design for elders seeks to address what are known as the “three plagues” of aging: loneliness, helplessness and boredom. We work with leading organizations to transform the idea of Long Term Care or Retirement Homes into vibrant places where people live to their highest potential, still part of their communities.

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