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Our Process


Envisioning end results

We start by asking how our clients want to feel when the project is complete, then explore their concerns, opportunities and strengths.


(I)nvolving everyone

Working directly with our clients’ leadership, we incorporate input from their organizations and the communities they serve.


Generating possibilities

We encourage our clients to consider as many alternative solutions as possible, and help them visualize the design as it takes shape.


Assimilating ideas

We summarize the key issues, make recommendations, then respect our client’s ability to decide what is best for them and their projects.


Greening what matters

We measure the environmental impacts of our projects and apply practical measures to mitigate them, which we also apply to our own practice.


Employing best fit technology

We recognize the role we play in demystifying technical complexities and identifying what makes sense for each project.


Documenting Everything

We help ensure a successful final result by monitoring approval processes and construction progress through constant communication with the people involved.

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