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Community Engagement


We see our practice as part of the larger community, looking for ways to contribute to its growth by partnering with influential organizations and supporting meaningful initiatives.


Canstruction® is a unique, international event engaging designers, architects and engineers to use their talents to help those struggling with food insecurity. The event raises funds, food and awareness for local food banks. Teams design and build giant structures made entirely out of non-perishable items. At the end of the exhibitions, the structures are judged, winners are awarded and all of the food is donated to The Salvation Army Food Bank. In 2022, Cornerstone Architecture participated in London’s first ever Canstruction event. Our structure was called “His Actual Name is Poppin’ Fresh!” and was constructed of approximately 3,500 cans.

City of Neighbours Day

City of Neighbours Day is about celebrating our city, improving it, connecting with community, and having fun! It’s about small ideas and big ideas, serious ideas and playful ideas, and about everybody being able to participate in whatever way they choose. In July of 2019, Cornerstone Architecture designed “The Confluence: An urban installation meant to bring us together.”

London’s Million Tree Challenge

Founded by ReForest London, London’s Million Tree Challenge is a community initiative to plant one million new trees within the City of London. Cornerstone Architecture has been a proud supporter of the Million Tree Challenge for many years and in the summer of 2016, Cornerstone funded and organized a volunteer group for a tree planting event to plant over 300 new native trees and shrubs in Northwest London’s Peppertree Park.

Walk for Alzeihmer’s Canada

The Alzheimer’s Society of Canada’s Walk for Alzheimer’s is an annual fundraising event that is held in over 150 communities across Canada. Cornerstone Architecture has been a corporate sponsor for London’s Walk for Alzheimer’s for the past five years.

Western Engineering Toboggan Team

The Western Engineering Toboggan Team is a student run organization that designs and constructs a concrete toboggan to complete against other Canadian University teams in an annual Concrete Toboggan Race. Cornerstone Architecture has been a dedicated sponsor of the Western Engineering Toboggan Team for the past several years.